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Award winning set of six recordable pegs - a simple yet effective for integrating ICT into your Early Years setting.

So simple to operate - just flick the switch to 'record', press the special light-touch contacts and record up to ten seconds of audio message. To play your message back, simply flick the switch to 'play' and touch the contacts.

With a specialized 'non-slip' magnetic back, these pegs can be used to display artwork on the magnetic whiteboard or even metal filing cabinets, brightening up your setting while integrating fantastic ICT.

In a set of six, the loud playback is suitable for every part of your setting, indoors or out. Each peg measures approximately 10cm, ideal for little hands to manipulate.

They have so many uses - here a few ideas we had (we know you will have more!):

• Use for dens to record who lives there, what the purpose of the den is, who made it or as an electronic doorbell. Perhaps dragons roar on a magical cave, or a mooing noise on the barn door?

• Talking number lines or time lines

• Use with artwork to describe what something is, who made it, or what the child was feeling like when they made it.

• Make a talking display - use pictures of parents or carers with their voice, or have children describe what they have done in the day

• Place near an activity so that children can follow instructions

• Take outside and use on fences, or use on treasure hunts. Why not clip around you nature area for children to discover clues every time they press play? Or how about children setting up their own treasure hunts?

Because the peg can clip to a variety of surfaces, or attach magnetically, it really does lend itself to all kinds of learning opportunities.

Set includes 6 recordable pegs in 6 bright colors with replaceable AG13 batteries.

Size approximately 10cm, for ages 3+

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